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Log Cabin Festival

The 2013 Log Cabin Festival honors Rural Schools of Warren County

Butcher Creek Boys Butcher Creek Boys

         Can you Identify these Butcher Creek Boys?


Jerry Beatty Researching for his bookJerry Beatty

Mr. Jerry Beatty is compiling a booklet about the Rural Schools of Warren County that will include many images and information. It will be available for sale during the Festival.

The 2013 Log Cabin Festival Honoring Rural Schools of Warren County will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th.

For over 20 years, the Log Cabin Day Festival has honored a county town - from Ackworth to Summerset. This year we will be honoring rural schools.

Susan Graeser has been collecting and organizing information on the Schools since 2010.  Susan has been expanding and confirming a list of rural schools that Bev Dickerson compiled while she was county auditor.  It is difficult to come up with a definitive list as there are conflicting accounts of them.  Some of the schools were known by different names, some were moved, some were renamed.  Some schools had the name of the township they were located in their name, some were named after presidents, some after the owner of the land they were built on.  It gets a little confusing when North Lincoln school is located in Otter township when there is also a Lincoln township.  There are some townships with schools named Center, that may or maynot be in the center of the township.  Susan has whittled the list from 184 to 128 by throwing out some of the duplicates.  It has been an interesting journey for Susan and the rest of the museum staff. Join us as we continue to identify and catalogue what we know about the Rural Schools of Warren County.

Images have come from the archives and submitted by members. Kristi Porter has uploaded several to our online photo album and is naming students in the photo if we know them. Check them out at photos.warrencountyhistory.org/ If you know someone in the photo, let us know.


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